Rethink Business as Usual

All your critical healthcare business processes in a single web-based platform.


Vindicet’s Patient Management System brings critical healthcare business processes - like business development, referral and patient management, discharge planning, and reporting - into a single web-based collaboration platform centered on your patients. Incorporating ideas from enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business process reengineering (BPR) VPMS lets you “follow the patient” while managing the cost and quality of your care.

Improved Efficiency

Our application modules let you manage the different business processes required as patients move through your system, replacing multiple separate applications with a single integrated platform. This means lowering your overhead costs, and eliminating the need for complicated interfaces to tie separate applications together.

Just as important, by bringing clinical and financial resources from different parts of your organization into a shared, collaboration platform you can focus on streamlining process and unifying operations. This means improved care coordination, compliance and better utilization of staff.

Improved Decision-making

As patients move through your system we capture performance-related care milestones for management and regulatory compliance. With an integrated system all data is stored in one central repository - available for real-time reporting, benchmarking and corrective-action processes .

A Chance to Rethink...

Vindicet's collaboration and on-demand reporting tools let you rethink your business processes - to better manage quality and cost.