Business Management for LTACHs

The Vindicet Health Data System™ (VHDS) provides LTCHs with benchmarking and on-demand dashboards for managing your patient quality, safety and financial performance. With VHDS you can identify areas for improvement, establish realistic targets and track your progress against goals.

Continuous Improvement




VHDS' executive summary reports give you a landscape view of the clinical outcomes, quality and financial performance metrics you need to run your business. Use them to ensure that things are running smoothly, and to identify areas in your hospital that might need improvement.

With data from over 400 ltach hospitals VHDS' benchmarking reports let you set performance targets and goals by comparing your hospital with other hospitals like you - controlling for variables like size, hospital type and geographic region.

Once set, use trend reports to track key performance indicators over time and monitor your progress. Detailed data exports, including calculated fields, let you take your data out of VHDS for analysis in programs like Excel.

What Questions Can You Answer with VHDS?




How do my patient outcomes compare to other LTACHS? (vent weaning, discharge location, adverse events)

What types of patients do we do best with?

What types of patients are other LTACHs treating that we are currently not seeing?

What are my patient's acute care LOS and can I be taking them earlier?

How do my costs per-patient-stay compare to other LTACHs treating similar patients?

How do my ancillary costs compare to other hospital's, and where are my opportunities for cost reduction?

What are the characteristics of my high cost outlier cases? (LOS, cost per patient day, DRG, acute LOS, complications and outcomes)

How do these compare to other hospitals treating similar cases?

How am I doing on my most important quality measures? (device related infection rates, falls, hospital acquired pressure ulcers, medication variances)

Where are my biggest opportunities for improvement?

Which hospitals are doing the best job of preventing adverse events?

Get More Value from Your Data

VHDS combines member-submitted data with MedPAR Claims Data and LTCH Cost Report Data. The inclusion of MedPar and Cost Report data means you can start running meaningful reports for your hospital the first day you start - before you submit any data at all!

Member hospitals decide what data to submit based on the reports they are most interested in. Most of the data you are probably already collecting. To request a complete list of reports with data submission requirements, please contact us.